I have always been a girl with big dreams. As a child, I used to imagine myself on stage, just performing with my dancing. My parents were the audience and the living room was the stage. My first meeting with the stage was when I was ten years old. Since then, the stage has been my canvas. A place where I can entertain and also express myself.  There is a powerful form of freedom in it – to do what you want.

While my friends played football, I spent hours alone in the dancing studio. I understood that it was not always about talent, but the desire to be skilled. To do everything with passion. Nothing comes easy, but I was willing to do the work. I wanted to look athletic as well, and feel stronger, so I started my journey to the Gym. There, I met a man with a lot of knowledge, experience and advice. He introduce me to fitness and he is now my coach. At first, I just wanted to be fit. Then, when I start seeing some progress, it was over, I was hooked. My interest for fitness and bodybuilding had just begun..

To see what you can do with your body – Not just physically, but visually as well, is the best work of art.

My first competition was at the age of seventeen,  the same year I turned eighteen. I wanted to stand on that stage so badly, I gave it all I had to get in great shape. My efforts that I put in from day one – my parent audience, the studio and entering into the gym –  resulted in victory. That was unexpected, but it made me realize that everything is possible. I qualified to the Nordic Championship where I placed first, again. Two great victory in such a short period of time.  I wanted to keep on going to the IFBB World Championship in Hungary.

My body protested. After months on diet and hard training, my body needed some rest. I learned a lot about myself and my body. With experience comes knowledge. I had crushed more boundaries in a few months than I have ever had done in my entire life. This has made me mentally stronger. Now, there is no limit in my mind for what I can do.

Lone Legs and RocksI competed again the next year in 2013, and placed first in the Norwegian Championship. I also competed in two big international championships, Arnold Classic Europe in Spain and the IFBB World Championships in Ukraine – with much better athletes and a lot more competition on stage, I love it! I will keep fighting to become a better athlete. Improve my physique and stage performance. My next competitions will be in 2014. On stage, better than ever.

Make mistakes and learn from them. Challenge yourself and grow from it. Take risks and be proud that you did, even if you fail. I hope I can inspire you to keep getting stronger and challenging yourself. Life is now, don´t wait.